Please allow us to introduce Hannah Ellis and her JAM “Home and a Hometown”

Katelyn Law
Raised Rowdy Contributor


Have you ever felt torn between two places before? Like you finally get to one place, but the other is always in the back of your mind? Yeah, me too. And holy cow, Hannah Ellis has completely taken all of those emotions and put them into a fun, up tempo song that makes you wanna turn up the radio and roll the windows down. That is exactly what you get in Hannah’s “Home and a Hometown”

Hannah describes the new single perfectly in her own words via a post on Instagram saying, ““I didn’t know I could feel ‘at home’ in two places that were so different from one another. I always find myself racing back and forth between the two. One day on my drive home, I wrote down the title “Home and a Hometown”, because I realized that I’m lucky enough to have both. I feel like I am part of a generation that was taught to chase our dreams, but always know we had a place to come back to. I hope you find some of your story in mine.”

So whether or not you’re a college kid on your own for the first time, or moving to a new city to chase a lifelong dream, I believe you can relate this great song. I know I have.


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