Ryan McDonald
Raised Rowdy Staff Writer


Sam Morrow’s LP Concrete and Mud is ascending the Americana charts like a seasoned rock climber since it’s release this spring. Sam Morrow has found that the reaction to it has been “good overall”, and that “most people that take the time to listen to it like it.” While this response may seem a bit underwhelming, releasing an LP like Concrete and Mud that pulls from funk and soul as much it does from bluegrass and traditional country will take some time to seep into the traditionalist’s playlist. See our review here.

Set at a car wash with a couple of ladies more interested in a tan than a bucket of suds, Sam and director Chris Phelps turned a beat up old Chevy Cavalier station wagon into a muscle car with just a bit of water, inspiration and some damn fine damn moves. Working alongside Phelps on the idea and knowing they wanted to make something quirky and funny, Sam says, “As soon as Chris told me the car wash idea with Ben, I knew it was the one we needed to use.”

Asked how closely the video stays with the song’s theme, Sam says, “I think the video being light and funny conveys the general idea of the song.  Also using Ben’s beater car, washing it, and it still doesn’t start, conveys that there really is no quick fix.”

You can catch Sam on tour this summer into fall across the states where he’s “hoping to play some good shows, meet some cool people and see some new places. That’s all you can ask for.” Make sure you get out and catch Sam on tour to hear a style of country you may not recognize, but will immediately fall in love with.

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