Zack Logan’s “Raised By Wolves” sets him ahead of the pack.

Zach Taylor
Raised Rowdy Photographer and Contributor

With a European tour coming up, opening for Brent Cobb, Zack Logan drops an amazing record, Raised by Wolves, that takes you back to the good ole days.

Zack was gracious enough to send me a CD copy of the album a few months ago and it’s been on steady repeat ever since. Logan’s smooth vocals and the stripped down instrumentals, not only create a great listening experience, but draw up their own warm and welcoming ambiance. I found myself just out for a drive listening to the album with the windows and it just felt right and like it was meant to be enjoyed in such a way. The first single from the album, and opening track, Annalee tells an every relatable tale of a man with a broken heart. Logan’s presentation is so sincere, that you instantly relate with him and that connections lasts the entire album through. Raised by Wolves, track after track tells stories that are clearly close to Logan, but are universal enough that you can’t help but share in his experiences in a wildly personal way. Home I Call A Place, is the perfect example of this record’s charm and appeal. The story of a small town that is caught up in the changing times, even if you’ve lived in a major metropolitan area your entire life, Logan’s lyrics paint a picture so vivid, that you can relate in a remarkable way. Logan the whole way through takes the listener on a similar journey of emotion and memories that feel like an audio Norman Rockwell painting.

This is the perfect mid summer release to throw on while you relax outside in your favorite rocker with a cigar and a glass of whiskey. Raised by Wolves is a solid 10 out of 10 and wholey deserving of your attention. You can find the album out on all platforms starting August 3rd & Logan on Instagram @zackloganmusic.



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