The Grass isn’t always greener on the other side, just ask Canaan Cox as he drops new single “Greener”

Nick Tressler
Raised Rowdy Founder who wants to live where the green grass grows

Check out this song guys.  “Greener” by Canaan Cox is a brand new song that gives a look into the inner solitude you feel when you see your ex with a new significant other. This is so easy to relate to, and the production on the track is really great.  You just never know when inspiration is about to strike and Canaan tells us he wrote this song solo in “the time it took to take and bath plus 20 minutes”. Canaan tells us “The tunes that come easy and quick to write are always my favorite, because it means it came from such a true place and you’ve really been there”. It is easy to tell that this one really came from the heart.  So give it a listen and make sure to follow Canaan on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with when more new music drops! 



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