The Feel-Good Party Song You’ve Been Looking For All Summer; Walker McGuire’s “You Don’t Even Know”

By Bradley Curry
Raised Rowdy contributor

Fused by galvanizing harmonies and a passion for making country rock, duo Jordan Walker and Johnny McGuire have many different musical influences, making their sound one that is rootsy with a trace of pop, a favorable blend for a broad audience of country fans. The two met just days after arriving in Music City at a writers round and haven’t looked back since, releasing two EP’s and their latest single “You Don’t Even Know.”

“You Don’t Even know” was co-written with fellow country songwriters Mickey Jack Cones and Brandon Kinney and is about having quite a few too many to drink, missing out on an out-of-control, fun-filled night. Songs like this and their previous single “‘Til Tomorrow” are the type of tracks that can take an artist or group to that next level of fame and fortune in the music industry.

Jordan Walker and Johnny McGuire have certainly cut their teeth all over the country traveling over 200,000 miles in a beat-up van, developing their own sound that is 100 percent authentic. Although you may not have heard of the newest duo in country music, you simply cannot deny the talent that Walker McGuire possesses.

We know thew guys are hard at work writing new music for their next project and we cannot wait to hear more!


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