Your new favorite patriotic jam “American Flag” was just released by Brent Lowry & The Drifters

Nick Tressler 
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Brent Lowry & The Drifters have just released their new single “American Flag” right in time for our Nation’s independence celebration.  They have teamed up with the Wounded Warrior Project and will donate proceeds from the song to benefit the organization that helps many veterans and service men and women overcome injuries both physical and invisible.
The folks from the Wounded Warrior Project reached out to the band early this year to see if there were any opportunities for the band to help benefit the organization.  Brent and The Drifters played a benefit show which greatly exceeded expectations on raising funds to benefit WWP.  The band did not want to stop there and decided to complete their song “American Flag”.
Mr. Lowry explained that this song has been a year long process from inception to recording.  The band was in Nashville May of 2017 at Skaggs Place Studio recording some of the tracks for their new EP set to be released late 2018.  While in the studio they were challenged by Grammy winning producer and Ricky Skaggs studio manager, Lee Groitzsch, to write a patriotic song that is relevant to today’s time.   
According to Brent “The opportunity to help the Wounded Warrior Project really motivated us to complete the song a couple weeks ago.  It has taken us a year to get it right and it has been totally worth the wait.”
Brent Lowry & The Drifters is made up of lead vocalist Brent Lowry, lead guitarist and backup vocalist Bobby Withers, bass guitarist and backup vocalist Steve Geroski, hillbilly instrument player Wade Wedge, and drummer Andrew Lewallen.  The band will donate proceeds to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project from July 4th to Labor Day.  You can see the benefit music video of “American Flag” on their Facebook page and download the song on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and all other digital media stores.

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