Bartender of the Month: Mattie Lynn Breaux- Losers Bar and Grill in Nashville TN (June 2018)

Raised Rowdy: You’re from Louisiana, right? When you go back home, what are some of your favorite things to do?

Mattie Lynn Breaux: Louisiana is home and will always have my heart. Of course the first thing I do when I am home is visit all my family, which could take days because I have a very large family. Fishing and enjoying some good cajun cooking is always a top priority.

RR: What made you make the move to Nashville?

MLB: I moved to Nashville for a fresh start, change, and growth for myself. I spent my whole childhood and teenage years there and I wanted to explore more of life. Some may call it soul searching. After Party Down South ended I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go. I wanted to find new things, try new things, simply looking for inspiration wherever I can. Believe it or not, before I made the move I decided by putting three cities in a hat. Miami, Nashville, and Los Angeles were places I knew I loved visiting so why not make a move. Needless to say I pulled Los Angeles three times, but Nashville was in my mind. I needed to get out of my comfort zone, leap of faith some may call it. I am loving Nashville, the people, the music, the energy here is just one like nowhere else.

RR: For those who don’t know, you gained fame from a show on CMT called “Party Down South”. What did you learn about life and yourself during that time?

MLB: I learned so much about myself while doing and after Party Down South. It taught me to be myself and love myself for who I am. Being on Tv changed a lot of my life, I am noticed quit often but it keeps me motivated so no complaints this way.

RR: One of the things we love about you is Bruce, your Frenchie. Why did you choose a Frenchie and what is he like on a daily basis?

MLB: No children (yet) but I am the dog mom of a wonderful French bulldog named Bruce Fitzgerald.

RR: Another thing you’re passionate about is fitness. What inspired that passion?

MLB: Fitness is my therapy, it keeps me sane. I like to think of it as the most important meeting of the day and it’s for myself.

RR: You work at Losers in Midtown, what was it about Losers that made you want to work there?

MLB: I currently work at Losers Bar & Grill in midtown. The vibe of Loser’s reminds me of home, it is my second home/family to be quite honest.

RR: Tell us your favorite cocktail to order when you’re drinking.

MLB: My drink of choice of course is Vodka water splash of Mio (aka my squirts).

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