Silverado Records Summer on Repeat Volume 2 will take you back to your burnt CD days

Nick Tressler
Raised Rowdy Founder and summertime beer shotgunning enthusiast



Silverado Records is known in the industry to do things a little bit differently.  The independent record label takes some angles and chances that some major labels don’t and that is why we love them. 

Their newest mix-tape/burnt CD style release features a heavy dose of some light summer jams. Jams specifically made to keep you trucking down the road with your windows down singing along to every word. Each track is an original song by a Silverado artist or one of their community of friends. Check out the track listings to see what you can expect from this sampler, set to release Friday 6-22-18:

  • 1. Tyler Jordan – She Likes To Fish At Night
  • 2. Ali Morgan – Favorite Summer
  • 3. David Adam Byrnes – Tequila Salt And Time 
  • 4. Tom Perkins – Greener Than Grass 
  • 5. Tony Winkler – Cherry Hill
  • 6. Mira Goto – Remember This Moment 
  • 7. Brandon Chase – I’d Rather Be On A Boat

We absolutely love Silverado’s lineup of artists.  With studs in the stable like Arkansas native David Adam Byrnes, South Carolina crooner Tyler Jordan and the 13 year old phenom Ali Morgan, just to name a few, the future is bright for Silverado.  But for now, let’s just enjoy the summer. On repeat.


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