By Derek Pastore
Staff Writer and owner of instruments I can’t play

Thank you Dave Kennedy. Strong as 92 proof Kentucky straight bourbon, sweeter than strawberry pie, this game changing voice shifted my taste in music. And by shifted I mean dropped the transmission and I had to rebuild the whole damn thing.

As a loose fan of country music a few years back, I found myself at a show near Pittsburgh, PA to hear a few names I was unfamiliar with. At the recommendation of a close friend I “had to hear” Drake White perform, and “the opener Dave Kennedy is pretty good too”. So there we were in the front row when you slapped us in the face with “Three Dollar Wine”. DUDE. No joke, as the hairs tried escaping my arm, I immediately realized what I had been missing. I’ve been a fan of the new era of country since that very day.

You played a handful of songs, rocked them all, and gained a fan. Now I live in Nashville and see you perform often, and you never disappoint. But I always think back to the one song that got me hooked. Our audience needs to hear what I enjoyed that night. Check out a live version below. Keep melting faces, brother.

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