The Country Music World Better Get Ready for Mitchell Tenpenny (Interview)

Aaron Otto
Raised Rowdy Contributor


Photo: Dallas Wilson

Recently, I was able to talk with Nashville native, singer-songwriter Mitchell Tenpenny. We discussed his latest single “Drunk Me”, why he is a big fan of John Mayer and why music has always been apart of his life.


Aaron Otto: Talk to me about your newest single “Drunk Me” and the inspiration behind that song?

Mitchell Tenpenny: I wanted to write a heartbreak song with a different take on it. I wanted to write about why someone would quit drinking, not because they have a problem, but because it is the only chance they stand at getting over a breakup. I’ve been there before and I felt like people could relate.


AO: What other music are you working on right now?

MT: We are finishing up the full -length record right now and I’m so excited about it. It’s just hard trying to pick songs especially when we have so many to choose from because I’ve been writing full time for the last 6 years.


AO: You cite John Mayer as an inspiration to your music. What is it about his songs that get to you?

Do you have a favorite song or album of his?

Photo: Dallas Wilson

MT: His lyrics are one of a kind. They paint a picture in a way no one else paints. He tells stories better than anyone out there in my opinion. Also, his guitar tones are my favorite in the world. I learned how to play listening to his records over and over again.


AO: Growing up in such a vibrant, artistic community that Nashville is, did you always feel “attracted” to the music business?

MT: I’ve always felt attracted to music in some way, shape or form. Whether it be a producer, engineer, songwriter or artist. I’ve always been in bands and they were not always country. Some were rock and somewhere hardcore metal bands. I played drums in those but someone found my way back home to a guitar and country music.


AO: What song do you wish you had written?

MT: Man in the Mirror


AO: What kind of music would people be surprised that you listen to?

MT: I love screaming hardcore music with melodic guitars and breakdowns. Something about the energy gets me every time.


WORD ASSOCIATION (answer with the first word or answer that comes to mind)

AO: Loveless Cafe

Photo: Dallas Wilson

MT: Biscuits

AO: Ford

MT: My truck

AO: Venison

MT: Rifle

AO: Whiskey

MT: Party

AO: Kacey Musgraves

MT: Weed

AO: Last Call

MT: Tequila


AO: How do you define success?

MT: I define success as something that make you proud every time you look back at what you’ve done. It’s not about money or fame but it’s about a feeling. A “peace of mind” if you will.


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