Caeland Garner is the voice in Nashville you need to hear

By Chris Yow
Contributor and occasional Music Row Freakshow attraction

They say Nashville is a 10-year town.

For Caeland Garner, he’s finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. With one of the most distinctive voices in town, Caeland is really beginning to make some headway with his original music.

Coming to town, the idea was to be a “picker” or studio musician. He plays pretty much any instrument you put in front of him — except drums. But when he started playing his own music around town, he realized people were liking it, so he decided being a singer-songwriter was what he wanted to do.

The North Carolina native has seen his share of heartbreak in Nashville, including a stint where he was forced to park cars after losing his publishing deal. But that didn’t stop him. If anything, that experience made him stronger.

Now, he’s rubbing elbows with some of Nashville’s finest songwriters, including Randall Clay, Blue Foley, Chris Harris and Ashley McBryde.

Caeland recently released his first EP, Mixed Tape Vol. 1. He is announcing on Raised Rowdy that Mixed Tape Vol. 2 is in the works and will be available soon. Check out one of the songs on the EP in our video above.


Side note: Caeland Garner is a co-writer on a song that I truly believe is one of the best songs in Nashville today. Check out this video of Chris Harris and Ashley McBryde singing “Tomorrow” (ironically recorded in a little dive bar in Dahlonega, Ga.):

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