Erik Dylan’s new album Baseball On The Moon might just be my album of the year so far.

Nick Tressler
Raised Rowdy Founder and Kerouac King

Erik Dylan is not your run of the mill country artist. Let me explain: most artists are afraid to touch on topics such as illegal immigration, not Erik Dylan (“Honest Work”). Many are scared to broach topics like racism in America, not Erik Dylan (“Color Blind”). Most artists are afraid to put out a track that already had success with another artist, not Erik Dylan (“Comeback Kid” via Kip Moore). Most artists are afraid to make an album that is as much rock and roll as it is mainstream Country, not Erik Dylan (We think this album is exactly that).

Erik has made an album that is as much Springsteen or Petty as it is Modern Country radio. Erik isn’t scared to do any of these things and this is part of what makes him and this record so special.

Dylan put out a project that has zero holes. That’s right, there are a grand total of zero bad songs on this album. Not only that, He hits on so many different styles of songs. Lost love in many forms, child to parent relationship, aging and the loss of freedom that comes with it.

The common theme running throughout Baseball on the Moon is life — just life. The good and the bad; the ups and the downs. The moments you think about so often and are memorable, whether positive or negative. Big events and simple insightful thought based on a moment you observe.  This album has all of these things. The lyrics are simple and relatable, but have so much more depth than a lot of what has become mainstream in the industry.  This is why this record might be my favorite of the year.

Erik Dylan (Photo by Chris Yow)

We have talked about Erik before and you can be DAMN sure we will be again.  Because he is part of the heart of country music, part of the spirit of Nashville, what makes it truly great.

The songwriter, The drifter, The underdog , emotional, brilliant, a Dark Horse in this rat-race to the radio mainstream.  A father, husband, mentor, friend. Erik is all of these thing and so much more. A project like this can only be made by someone who wears so many hats and felt so many emotions. WE could talk about Erik for days, but really you need to decide for yourself. You need to give this album a listen and I think you will see it as clearly as I do. It speaks for itself, it speaks for Erik Dylan and the dreamers like him.





1. Baseball on the Moon (Featuring Luke Combs)

2. Funerals & Football Games

3. Someday (Featuring Steve Earle)

4. Ain’t My Town

5. Kerouac Kings

6. Young In America

7. Comeback Kid

8. 13th Floor

9. Touchdown Town

10. Flatland Sunrise

11. When They Take Your Truck

12. Color Blind

13. Honest Work (Marlena’s Song)

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