Faren Rachel’s drops her playful single “Uber Driver”

Nick Tressler
Raised Rowdy Founder and 4.88 score Uber passenger

We have all done it — well, most of us at least. We have had a few too many and called our significant other to come and pick us up. Come on, you know you have.  It usually goes poorly and you have some type of penance to pay in the future for this type of service.

Faren Rachels’ newest release, “Uber Driver” tells the tale of her late night pickup and subsequent wish that her man was more like an Uber driver.

“Why can’t you be like my Uber driver/He Ain’t got nothing to say about my all nighters/He don’t mid if I ugly cry or all my friends need a ride.”

Faren has said she was surprised by the type of positive reaction she got from this song, but let us break down the 5 reasons why we think everyone loves it.

  1. This song is super fun: Sometimes you just need a fun and playful song. Think 90s country. This is in that wheelhouse.
  2. Do you hear that damn steel guitar? CAN’T GET ENOUGH of that damn steel.
  3. Faren’s voice is simply so damn good. Legit one of the best voices in country music. Some people call that an opinion, but I call it a fact.
  4. Do you hear that damn fiddle? CAN’T GET ENOUGH of that damn fiddle either.
  5. Who does’t want a McRib when you are going home at 3 a.m.?  Drunk food is the best and worst thing all rolled into one.

So give “Uber Driver” a listen.  Add it to your road-trip playlist or play it at 3 a.m. on your way home from the bar, we are 100 percent sure your Uber driver will love it.




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