*Raised Rowdy Video Premiere* Love lingers in Haley Stevens new video “Smoke”

Ryan McDonald
Staff Writer

Be honest and admit it.  As you’re reading this, scrolling with your thumb, pinkie supporting the bottom of your phone with your other three fingers on the back (yep, you checked), you’ve been in the exact situation Haley Stevens painfully yet openly owns up to in her new video for her single, Smoke. We all have vices we know will only lead us down a road we don’t need to travel, but somehow without even thinking about it, we ditch the map and turn right onto that gravel road that leads to misery.

Directed by Rachel Deeb, “Smoke” invites the viewer into the relationship Haley is having that she knows she shouldn’t be in but just can’t seem to shake it’s magnetic grip. Relating the relationship to the quick buzz a cigarette has, while ignoring it’s after effects, Haley says, “It’s a here and gone type of thing. You can hold on as tight as you like, but a relationship like that is always going to burn out. It’s a quick buzz. Doesn’t last long, but the memory sticks around just to remind you.”

Never one to shy away from telling it like it is while rocking her own authentic style, we know the lyrics in “Smoke” will have you shaking your head thinking “Damn! I did the exact same thing…twice!”

We can’t wait to hear the rest of Haley’s EP that will drop this summer so she can show off more of her honest, real life, in your face lyrics and style that not many can pull off. Without further ado here is the sultry video for “Smoke”. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. 


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