Bartender of the Month: Michael Owunnah from Martin’s Nashville Downtown

This month we are starting a new feature, Bartender of the Month! Nashville and other Honky Tonks have some fantastic service people that we feel go underappreciated.  This is a small way to tell them thank you for keeping our glasses full and great conversation coming.

Our December Bartender of the Month is Michael Owunnuh

We ran into Mike on our most recent Nashville trip.  He works at Martin’s BBQ at 410 4th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37201. Martins has a fantastic BBQ selection and is a must visit while in Nashville. Michael’s knowledge of Martin’s beer selection and menu left us ordering more and more. You can tell Mike has an incredibly positive personality and has a passion for helping people. We asked him some questions to get a little bit of insider information for your next trip to Nashville. 


How long have you been bartending in Nashville?

“I have been bartending in Nashville since 2014, I started at TGIFridays and Kobe Steak and have worked my way around to getting to Martins.”


When can people come see you to get some libations at Martin’s or anywhere else?

“I only work at Martin’s right now, fortunately my schedule is set. Weds-Fri 4pm- Close Saturday 11am-5pm so Saturday night I can share a drink with you when I get off.”


Tell us your favorite thing to do in Music City.

“My favorite thing to do in Nashville is to create, outside of that, Preds game are always fun  and karaoke at The Wild Beaver.  Monell’s is my favorite favorite restaurant in Nashville.”


Any specific beverage or food item that people need to try when they come see you?

“At Martin’s definitely get the brisket burger, when we opened up I ate that 3 days in a row. Like spongebob giving squidward his first crabby patty, not good for your heart but it’s good for your soul! as far as cocktails we’re getting a new drink menu but I like creating a cocktail based on what the guest likes or describes flavor. Beer, some handles rotate, but I recommend Bearwalker, Rompo by Jackalope to go with the brisket burger”


What is your passion outside of bartending?

“Outside of bartending I love to cook, but right now I’m doing music. I have a couple of projects complete and I’m about to start putting them together and delivering the work. My spotify won’t be up until next month because of the holidays and their cutoffs. But website will be up in a couple of days and I’m releasing a video.”

Check out Michael’s Music Page


Tell us your favorite story that involves Nashville or an interaction you had with a guest.

“We get Titans players in all the time. It was cool bartending for the Preds team and their whole organization. My favorite experience though was meeting new friends from Seattle. I first met them when they came to Martins on a weekend to see Beyonce. The first time they came in we connected and we ended up hanging out everyday of their trip. They ate at Martins 3 days in a row and on the 3rd day they said, “we want you to come to Beyonce with us”. I got my shift covered and enjoyed the concert with them.  It was great, the connection we made was so strong that they called their friends in Seattle while they were at Martins and told them about me. I ended up going to Seattle visit and I made the same strong connection with their friends. I’ve met up with a few other guests in other cities but the vibe with them was especially great. I love the connections and the friendships I’m able to make with people through bartending.”

The next time you’re in Nashville next stop in and say hello to Michael.  You will not be disappointed in the service or conversation!


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