Josh Phillips is Taking Country Music by Storm This Week!

For those that do not know Josh yet please take a moment to acclimate yourself because Josh has officially arrived. He recently signed to Big Machine Records and as of September 29th released his Debut EP Lee County.
There just HAS to be something in the water down in North Carolina. First Luke Combs starts blowing the doors off venues and selling out shows in minutes, and now we have Josh Phillips! Josh comes to the country music world via Sanford North Carolina. Initially moving to Nashville and starting to write songs as artists often do to cut their chops. It is now time for Josh to show the rest of the world what his OWN music is about. Make sure you if you are going to Luke Combs Don’t Tempt Me tour to be there early as Josh will be the primary opener!
Please give Josh a follow on social media and for your own sake give his EP a listen immediately.!



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