Jon Pardi goes above and beyond for a fan!

One of the highlights of an extremely amazing CMA fest was Jon Pardi’s songwriter session at the Country Music Hall of Fame. I was lucky enough to secure entry for this event for myself and one other Gentleman of Leisure. Jon Pardi is one of my, as well as my whole concert crew’s, favorites acts.

This show was one of those times that you just get chills and shake your head. It is just one of my favorite things hearing someone so talented talk about their music and how they got to the lyrics. After the entire set Jon did a meet and greet with each person and gave out signed hatch prints to all those in attendance.

Being the super fan that I am… and let’s be honest… a known irresponsible drinker, I took my hatch print straight to FedEx for safe transit. Unluckily for me FedEx lost it between the Kinkos and the depot somewhere. Now my hope is that some driver somehow figured out what it was and has it posted on his wall or did something awesome with it. But it probably got stuck under a bigger package and discarded.

After about 4 calls with FedEx and the realization my print ain’t gonna make it home, I casually tweet about it from my crew’s twitter account. ANDDD guess freaking what! Jon Pardi himself responded to the post and sent a new one to me!

Now I was not sure it was even possible for me to like Jon and his music any more but there he went and done did it again! That kind of dedication to fans is just another reason to love Jon and the band.

Check out Jon on Tour next time he is anywhere near you. Get pit tickets if you can its totally worth it. Just follow Jon’s mantra from his amazing song All Time High when he says “I DON’T CARE I’LL SPEND ALL MY MONEY”

If you want to give the performance in it’s entirety a watch head on over to the Hall’s Facebook page to watch!

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