Jergel’s Rhythm Grill

Jergel’s Rhythm Grill, nestled in the northern Pittsburgh suburb of Warrendale, is one of the best venues to see up and coming Country Acts in the area. Jergel’s attracts acts throughout the year and seems to have an increasingly solid lineup even in the non summer months (when artists are not opening up for stadium/ amphitheater tours).

Jergel’s Concert Calendar

The Setup

Jergel’s features a single main stage, cigar bar, and a partially covered patio. There is seating to the left of the stage, with a bar to the right, in addition to a second floor lounge area which wraps around the main floor. On weekdays you can get close to the stage if you arrive early, but weekend shows fill up with the local crowd.

They have a big parking lot where you can generally find a spot. On rowdier occasions (pun intended) they offer shuttles to and from off site parking. Some other local businesses will offer parking at their locations for a fee usually $10. This is usually a good venue to carpoool too,

The sound is excellent at this venue and I have never seen an artist have issues with the Jergel’s technicians (not always the case with smaller venues).

Suds and Grub

Jergel’s offers a full bar, standard domestics and solid selection of craft (some local!) beer offerings.

The food is above average american fare. Definitely worth a try if you’re there early to acquire a spot close to the stage.

The Vibe

Jergel’s is a local establishment that comes across as professionally set up, without losing the neighborhood vibe. They do a great job promoting the venue and often work closely with DJ’s from local stations for show hosting and pre show events.

I have seen a load of shows here and love that you can get close to the stage for almost any act with minimal effort. Check out Jergels on our concert calendar and if you see Nick out at a show stop and say hi!


103 Slade Lane
(GPS – use 285 Northgate Drive)
Warrendale, PA 15086
(724) 799-8333
Fax: (724) 719-2214

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