It's Tailgate Season!!!

It’s Here!!!

It's Tailgate Season!!!

Guys!!!! It’s here! My favorite season of the year! If you said summer you would be close butttt the real answer is Tailgating Season! This is like redneck Christmas and Thanksgiving eve all wrapped into one! There is not much I enjoy more than gathering as many of my best friends and going out to a country show. What you say is the perfect way to start off that show? Oh, drinking a whole cooler full of ice cold beers with those best friends, that’s what! It’s the perfect combination of nice weather, great friends, great music, and day drinking. Not really much more you can ask for! So turn the speakers up, put those koozies on your brews and start getting Rowdy. Gate times come early and you know that the Rowdies are all about being front row! So have a great Tailgate season y’all and send over any pictures you have of living the Rowdy life!


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