Trey Lewis tackles taboo subjects in “Whole Lotta Nothin”

  When Trey Lewis moved to Nashville, the country bar band lead singer made a vow to himself to make an impact On country music. The first single since that move was released Friday, March 6, entitled “Whole Lotta Nothin.” Lewis and band mate Terry Adams penned a heartfelt tribute to hometowns, past lives and regrets with each line, though […]

Acoustic Wednesday Trey Lewis’ new single “Lying Ex to Me”

Nick Tressler Raised Rowdy Founder and is anyone else wondering who that helmet is signed by… Video by Trey Bonner   Trey Lewis is coming at you this week with this acoustic version of his latest single “Lying Ex to Me”. We have worked with Trey before to help premiere a music video and are […]

Ella Langley Takes Girl Anthem to Next Level with Debut Single

Brad Curry Raised Rowdy Contributor 2020 has not started off the way we had all planned. There’s no telling when this nightmare called the Covid-19 will be done running its course. Until then, artists are finding tons of new ways to engage with fans via social media by doing livestream videos from their homes, putting […]